3 Different Ventures You Can Take in Real Estate

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There are many opportunities for business and earning in life that a person can take. Everyone has the potential to make money in any field they choose as long as there’s an avenue for profit. Personal skills and wise investments play a big role in the success and earning extra money outside your regular job which is why you must look into all the available options around you when you are looking to earn money on the side.

Real estate is one of these possible venues as you can easily earn a steady and substantial amount of money in this field. Many entrepreneurs like Nihar Gala have taken up the field of real estate and properties as profitable ventures and you should too.

If you aren’t sure about what kind of venture to take in real estate we have you covered here as we have gathered a few different business ventures you can take when it comes to real estate.

Real Estate Photography

Perhaps the simplest one on the list, real estate photography is a real and quick way to earn money in real estate. Photographers belonging to this category earn money by taking pictures of different real estate properties and locations and then posting the pictures online as a marketing campaign.

The scalability of this project can also be controlled by you as the scale of your project is highly dependent on the size of the property itself. Knowing this you can easily have your real estate photography job on the side with your usual job as you can easily tell how long it would take to finish a single photography session.

The investment for real estate photography is also the cheapest among the available options as it only requires you to have the equipment ready. Alternatively, you can have the equipment rented out instead of purchasing it to save more money.

Learn to Become a Landlord or Real Estate Agent

The next venture you can attempt in the field of real estate is learning to become a landlord or real estate agent. Both jobs don’t require you to focus the full-time, although the latter has that option for even greater pay, which means you have an extra source of money.

Becoming a landlord is a simple job to learn about but requires a big investment as you would need to purchase land and build a home to house tenants. However, you eventually get that money back and more through monthly rent payments making the business profitable in the long run.

Real estate agents require slightly more work but almost costs nothing to get started. A real estate agent allows you to learn more about the field as well as gain experience which will become helpful if you want to venture even deeper into real estate.


Bird-dogging is a weird term to see in real estate but is one of the possible ventures you can take in the field to earn money. Bird-dogging entails a group of freelancers who find the best deals available in real estate properties and then sell that information to investors looking to purchase real estate.

This is a highly simple job that can pay big amounts but only if you are willing to put in the work. You might find it difficult to start in this job as you will need to grow a list of networks and connections but the money you get from this makes it worth all the time and effort.

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