From Virtual Tours to Smart Homes: The Impact of Technology on Buying and Selling Real Estate

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Selling a home is a stressful process, and it’s often made more so by the lack of control you have over how quickly it sells. If you’re not using technology to make the selling process as efficient and stress-free as possible, you’re missing out on potential buyers who are looking for homes that use technology in new ways. Say’s Nihar Gala, that’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand what smart homes and virtual tours are, how they work with each other and why they matter if you want your home to sell faster than its neighbors’.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a video that shows the interior and exterior of a property. It’s typically used to market properties, but it can also be used in real estate marketing.

What is a smart home?

Smart home technology is a collection of devices and software that can be controlled by a central hub. The concept has been around since the 1990s, but it’s only recently started to gain momentum in the real estate world.

Smart homes can be used to manage energy, security, and entertainment in your home using voice commands or automation algorithms. For example: if you’re leaving work late at night and want to turn off lights before going into bed; if there’s an intruder in your house; or if it’s time for Netflix binge session after dinner–all these things can be done with one simple command from your smartphone (or even from Google Home).

Why you need to be on both?

Your agent may be able to help you find a virtual tour company. If you have your own photographer, they can provide images and video that will be used in the virtual tour. You should also consider using a smart home to showcase your property’s amenities and features. A buyer might not want to move into your house if he or she doesn’t know how everything works or what sort of renovations would need to be made before moving in.

Having a virtual tour and a smart home can significantly increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

Having a virtual tour and a smart home can significantly increase your chances of selling your home quickly. For example, if you’re showing the property to buyers who are unable to make it out to see the property in person, then having a virtual tour is essential. Likewise, if you want to be able to control the temperature and lighting remotely during showings (for example, when guests are over), then having a smart home may be beneficial for this purpose as well.


We hope that you’ve found this information helpful, and we encourage you to use it as a jumping off point for your own research. As we said before, technology is constantly changing and evolving–and that means there are endless opportunities for homeowners to take advantage of new technologies in order to improve their lives and make them easier.

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